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McCain's Criteria For Veep: Snow White's Looks And Resume. Is That "Good Judgement?"

The Democratic Activist

The Huffington Post has it right. Sarah Palin does bear a striking resemblance to beloved Disney Character Snow White.

If only her governmental service resume wasn't also about as thin as Snow White's.

Here is is:

City Council member – Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 9000): 1992-1996
Mayor - Wasilla, Alaska: 1996-2002
Governor - Alaska: 2007 to present (less than half a term in office)

That's it. Three lines.

From John McCain's official statement:

Governor Palin is a tough executive who has demonstrated during her time in office that she is ready to be president.


During her "time in office?" What time in office? Not even two years?

Is this what John McCain calls "good judgement?"

It's clearly a huge, desperate gamble by McCain, because his thesis above is so abjectly ridiculous.

But, apparently, he's counting on the notion that a great many of those disaffected feminist over-50 female Hillary supporters and independents who are so terribly disappointed that a woman wasn't selected as part of the Democratic ticket are so vacuous and gullible that they'll vote for any woman, just because she's a woman.

I'm sorry to say I think McCain may be actually be right about this. That's what scares me. Van Jones, writing in an article for the Huffington Post about McCain's puzzling and potentially disastrous pick for veep, isn't as worried as I am, however (apparently, Palin is so extremely right wing and anti-choice that she opposes rape and incest allowances for abortion, etc).

At least we know the truly stunning Democratic National Convention that just concluded with 80,000 attendees in Denver succeeded in killing the "experience" argument which had been the Republican's best card. Now the G.O.P. appear intent on neutering the "change" argument so masterfully and powerfully presented by the Democrats this past week.

However, with Karl Rove's greasy fingerprints plastered all over it, McCain's cynical "Palin Ploy" is so crazy ... it just might work.

The Obama/Biden camp is going to have to walk a very thin line to avoid losing to this panicky but crafty move (although Palin may strike herself out – she's already under investigation). Obama and Biden must be extremely careful in how they attack this Snow White in governor's clothing, as the Right Wing Smear Machine will be sure to attempt to plaster the word "sexism" all over Obama no matter his team does to warn the nation of Palin's obvious and dangerous lack of qualification to be the president's understudy:

"Obama's attacking Palin because she's a woman! He did it to Hillary, and now he's doing it to Snow White ... I mean ... Sarah Palin! How sexist and awful those Barack Obama people are!

Isn't it refreshing to have the leader of the Democratic Party show in no uncertain terms that he's fully willing and able to scare the pants off the Republicans? Not knowing whether or not Obama had the guts and street smarts to finally take the gloves off had been my greatest worry about his campaign, until now. But after the explosive Democratic convention, it's clear that Barack Obama isn't one bit afraid to catch the crap, call it crap, and throw it right back at the Republicans double-strength and twice as hard.

From an article at Huffington Post about Palin:


To think that McCain turned down far more nationally qualified individuals who have now been relegated to subordinate status in the pecking order GOP politics:

1. Mitt Romney
2. Tim Pawlenty
3. Tom Ridge
4. Lindsey Graham
5. Charlie Crist
6. Joe Lieberman
7. Carly Fiorina

How must they feel? Dwarfed at the altar by a total unknown. Each rejected candidate now having to gamely march out before the national media to defend this singular act of a political Hail Mary pass. To steal an old adage of former Secretary of State James Baker... putting Sarah Palin into a debate with Joe Biden is going to be like throwing Howdy Doody into a knife fight!


Thank you.

Pass it on.
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  1. Good analysis, Chris.
    At least McCain's choice has resulted in a high level of interest in her/his campaign. I think whether or not Palin was a wise choice will be revealed as the campaign rolls out.

    I hope it comes out that she doesn't support science and pooh-poohs global warming.