Friday, April 10, 2009

Capitalism: Down For The Count

The Democratic Activist
Just 53% say capitalism is better than socialism, according to Rasmussen, the conservative polling outfit.

20 years after communism went down for the count, capitalism is now on the ropes, battered, passing out, and going down. It seems that the accelerating endangerment of the American middle class coupled with the recent terrifying economic collapse caused by greedy, self-interested, fat cat Wall Street pirates let loose to police themselves and take whatever plunder they can steal from us (now in the trillions of dollars), Americans are waking up and starting to notice that both communism AND capitalism have clearly failed as economic systems.

The Rasmussen poll illustrates a long-term, leftward trend strongly favoring socialism over capitalism. According to the poll, American adults under 30 are almost evenly divided, preferring capitalism to socialism by a very slight majority (37% to 33%). That demographic is the future. In twenty years this segment of the population be occupying the seats of power in our culture, with likely an even more pro-socialist and anti-capitalist younger demographic coming right up behind them.

Hopefully, by that time, the steep tilt we're seeing in America away from Reagonomic, "free market," "free-for-all," "survival of the fittest," "you're on your own," "win at any cost" capitalism and toward cooperative collectivism will settle on a sensible compromise between the extremes of capitalism and communism, an American version of European democratic socialism, as the system that is capable of providing the greatest good for the greatest number in our country.

The future foreshadowed by the Rasmussen poll is a hopeful one, in which the selfishness of the Ayn Rand, "got mine ... get yours," "greed is good," Reagan 1980's is finally replaced with a societal ethos based on The Golden Rule (Matthew 7:9-12, Luke 6:27-31) instead of the Rule of Gold ("He who has the gold makes the rules").

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