Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new era of McCarthyism

The Democratic Activist

Wow ... these are actually the guys to whom today's conservative leaders and point men of the Republican party like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz (and even Republican politicians) are so enamored, encouraging, and devoted.

Check out the young teenage kid in the sixth photo with the t-shirt that reads:

"The cure for Obama communism is a new era of McCarthyism."

Yep ... that's just what America needs: a new era of McCartyism!

(And a right-wing military coup to topple the U.S. government, like "Hondurus did it.")

That's conservatism for you.

And don't be fooled, folks. That's exactly what today's Machiavellian right wingers have in mind for America ... only more, worse, and with added sting provided by our un-American legal and mass media information systems that now legitimize corporate unaccountability and government secrecy, indefinite detention, rendition, torture, etc.

Glenn Greenwald points out that this is NOT a new development, however, as the media is currently claiming. The conservative movement has been leading adherents toward exactly this kind of extremely dangerous lunatic fringe ideology for decades, now.

(FYI: It seems that South Carolina's flirtation with reactionary eccentricity certainly didn't begin with Governor Mark Stanford's torrid Argentinean love affair or Congressman Joe Wilson's inability to control his urge to act like a spoiled second grader. Apparently, The Palmetto State has always been a hotbed of off-the-far-right-edge lunacy and antics.)

The left also lies ... but today it's those on the right who tell the VAST VAST MAJORITY of outrageous, made-up, "pants on fire" lies, because to today's American (generally Christian) conservatives, lying (along with all manner of unethical, and unChristian behavior) is simply regarded as a perfectly acceptable and laudable political tactic (just count the few outrageous lies of the left vs. the LEGION outrageous lies of the right at nonpartisan fact-checking site

It's a simple fact: the right wing has freely chosen to become a rotten, immoral, self-aggrandizing, anti-democratic bullying force, caring far more about cultural control, political domination, and selfish self-interest than anything else (and precious little about actual integrity, honor, honesty, or the needs and rights of anyone who disagrees with them).

Bullies generally understand only one thing: a swift, damaging punch to the face. Unfortunately, that's normally the only thing that works to keep them from trampling on others' freedoms.

It's okay to defend one's self. We do need to stand up and strongly put down their violence, hate, cheating, thieving, and lying, and to make a habit of pushing back quickly and powerfully. While we don't have to become like the right wing bullies in order to do so, we musn't EVER be AT ALL reluctant to loudly declare and make clear the corrupt, vile, repulsive, dangerous, and self-centered sickness of their behavior.

As proto-Democrat and liberal fighter Harry Truman said:

"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth, and they think it's hell."

Thank you.

Pass it on.
The Democratic Activist


  1. You have made more than a few really good points here. I fear that an ultimate overthrow of American democracy can happen again - far worse that the one that occurred in 2000.

    One more point I would venture to make"

    The "Far Left" that the Far Right loves to whine so much about doesn't even exist anymore. If you don't believe me, the next time you're in any big city, try finding the local chapter of the American Communist Party.

    Good luck.

    Tom Degan

  2. Though I completely agree with you that this faction of conservatives is making a horrible statement, it is wrong to say that the majority of conservatives agree with them. I'm a conservative, and there are many points about obama-care that I think are shady or poorly planned, but this faction's response isn't even close to my own reaction. I attend a fairly conservative university, Baylor, and yet not a single person here that I know of, student or faculty, is supporting this perspective of obama communism. This faction is not a fair representation of the republican party.

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