Friday, February 6, 2009

Are High Federal Officials Above the Law? Prosecute Bush and Cheney!

he Democratic Activist
Obama's in charge now ...

And there's a new sheriff in town. Eric Holder's been deputized as the nation's new Attorney General.

But will Holder act?

Or did Obama's new A.G. make a deal with Republicans in exchange for confirmation not to uphold the law equally and fully investigate and prosecute heinous felonies committed by the Bush Crime Family?

Will the new Attorney General restore the rule of law in America, or establish as precedent that ours is a bifurcated legal system that holds average people harshly accountable even for relatively minor infractions but forks over "Get Out Of Jail FREE" cards to those elected to high federal offices who commit the most dastardly domestic and international crimes?

Activists ... do your duty!


Attorney General Eric Holder

Phone: 202-514-2001



Call!! Email!!

Do it now!!!


Pass it on.
The Democratic Activist


  1. Agreed. Put him in the cell next to the one clinton is in for the murder of religious minorities in Waco, TX. Wait, that was never prosecuted? Huh, imagine that...

    Remember people, NOONE is one your side except for you and (in some cases) your family. Obama is not, bush was not, clinton was not, reagan was not. No matter who you root for in the Monday Night Electorate game, it's all a rues, your only hope is to make sure the federal government has as little power as possible.

  2. I'm glad to see you are continuing to provide readers with they can do to make a difference!